For Startups

So you have the next BIG IDEA? At KAIN we believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement. From Ideation to commercialization we work with Innovators and entrepreneurs on their BIG IDEAS. Our platform brings together Angels & Investors for a BIG IDEA to become the next BIG THING.


What makes us different?

Diverse investor community

Pitch your idea to a diverse range of investors locally and globally.

One touchpoint

You’ll be in contact with a deal leader who’ll present you to the investor community and offer guidance.

'Growing' track record

We are growing everyday identifying, screening and matching opportunities.

Start raising funds

Get the financial backup you need. With an investor community locally and globally we’ll help you make the connections to take your business to the next level.

Start raising funds

Get the financial back up you need. With an investor
community in Uganda, we’ll help you make the
connections to take your business to the next level.

Startup Funding Canvas


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How it works

File application & screening

Once you apply to raise funds we’ll provide you with a short-form application asking about your vision and your unique proposition.

A deal leader is assigned to you

We assign an experienced Deal Leader, who is an investor with industry expertise, to each deal to offer guidance and act as a contact point with other investors.

Generate traction & complete application

Now that you are part of the KAIN network, we’ll introduce your startup to our investor community and you can introduce your network to our syndication platform in order to receive one consolidated investment.

Negotiate terms of investment

Our Deal Leaders understand the needs and motivations of founders and investors alike. They will use their expertise to guide you.

Achieve target amount & close round

We will set a target value for your fund raise and finalise the financing transaction based on agreed terms and expectations.

Repeat until exit

KAIN seeks to maximise investment returns by supplementing initial financing rounds with subsequent investment rounds until an exit transaction. Our investors seek to achieve an exit that is a profitable end-game for all involved.

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