Deals Screening Questionnaire

Please complete the application with suitable detail, sufficient to provide a comprehensive understanding of your business but without disclosing sensitive confidential information.

Confidentiality Warning: The information provided is confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties without prior authorization. This document will be made available to users of the KAIN platform and attendees at KAIN investor events.

Key tips: explain the key reasons WHY your startup was created, HOW you go about your business and WHAT you provide to your clients/customers - also mention key USPs and other diversification factors
- Why does the market need your solution/offering now? - What elements show that the market is now facing or will soon see an upward trend shift? - Do you already have significant market traction or have tested key Minimum Viable Projects/Products?
- Why are you / your team UNIQUELY equipped to deliver this opportunity to this market? - What do you know about the market that other entities/competitors do not know to be true or do not do as well? - Provide any information about previous entrepreneurial experience of your team, mentors or advisors
- Explain the key elements of your solution, including clarifications on which USP you are bringing to the marketplace - Explain the customer problem you are solving for - On innovation: what do you do that is different, unique and if relevant, please explain how your innovation is protected
- Existing incumbents [large players] in the market - Other innovators/startups in your space - What R&D projects you may know large companies are undertaking in your space
- Brief overview of your investment round [e.g. €1.5m round, Preferred A Equity, with a pre-money value of $10m] - Explain briefly, the main drivers for your valuation - Explain briefly, your unit economics and key business drivers and KPI’s - Where applicable, provide key non financial triggers for investors to consider [ethical/sustainability considerations]
- Provide high-level information on your exit strategy to date [e.g. if you held any discussions with investment banks or are aware of potential interested acquirers in your space] Provide information on any M&A activity in your sector that may be relevant to your case study