So you have the next BIG IDEA? Meet others like you for our specialist custom solutions. At KAIN we believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement. From Ideation to commercialization we work with Innovators and entrepreneurs on their BIG IDEAS. Our platform brings Angels & Investors at your doorstep for your BIG IDEA to become the next BIG THING.

Our Investment Focus KAIN is continuously searching for high potential entrepreneurs with robust business ideas or existing operating companies. Unfortunately, because of the number of applications we receive, we do not accept executive summaries only, and we do not meet with entrepreneurs who wish to discuss their business before they submit a business plan. Also note that we do not offer incubation, acceleration or mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. Our role is exclusively a financing one. Your plan will be reviewed by our administrator, if it is the right calibre you will be invited to a screening session with one or two of our members. You will be asked to present your business as though it were a formal pitch session. If your screening is successful you will be invited back to pitch

So why not start your journey of entrepreneurship with us...

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