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    The Kampala Angel Investment Network (KAIN) gathers innovators, entrepreneurs and Angels under the mutual objective of bringing IDEAS to life.
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About Us

The Kampala Angel Investment Network (KAIN) gathers innovators, entrepreneurs and Angels under the mutual objective is bringing IDEAs to life. There is nothing as powerful as an IDEA whose time has come. KAIN profiles such IDEAs whose time has come and links them up with investors & partners to breathe new life into ventures. We are motivated by the number of early-stage businesses with significant growth prospects and the potential to generate superior returns. KAIN is a not for profit entity. Nevertheless the eventual partnerships and engagements with different member in the Network will lead to profitable ventures.


We are a network of like-minded ideators who will stop at nothing to bring to life the next BIG IDEAS. Our network offer specialist incubation, expert mentoring, and patient capital through different IDEA cycles & rounds. Our Specialist high-risk, high-return matrix models inform our decisions.

Our platform offers

  • A destination for the next big ideas.
  • Proof of concept certification & guarantees.
  • Deal flow certification.
  • Investor events & Networking opportunities
  • Syndicate financing
  • Events & publications


KAIN convenes once a quarter to review business pitches; meetings are open to members only. Afterwards interested angels are invited to engage directly with founders to carry out due diligence, negotiate investment terms and finalize legal documents. At KAIN funding seeks good IDEAS. We accept proposals from all entrepreneurs seeking funding for new ventures at the seed, start-up or early stages of formation. Are you the next big IDEA? Then we shall review your application with in line with predetermined criteria The funding process

KAIN offers its members

  • First refusal to deal flow across different industry sectors with a potential to generate superior returns
  • Potential partnerships to check risks
  • Broad expertise for 360 support and advisory for different concepts
  • Expand your networks & horizons
  • Best practice research reports for informed decision making
  • Networking opportunities with other successful entrepreneurs


Code of conduct

Material received as part of the engagement process will not be shared with third parties, nor discuss their companies or ideas outside of the network. Where angels’ business interests’ conflict with a start-up’s, angels will not attempt to hinder the entrepreneur’s success or provide false information that would serve to undermine the business. Furthermore angels will negotiate in good faith and with integrity, always seeking an alignment of interest with the entrepreneur.


So you have the next BIG IDEA? Meet others like you for our specialist custom solutions. At KAIN we believe that Innovation Drives Entrepreneurship & Achievement. From Ideation to commercialization we work with Innovators and entrepreneurs on their BIG IDEAS. Our platform brings Angels & Investors at your doorstep for your BIG IDEA to become the next BIG THING.

Our Investment Focus KAIN is continuously searching for high potential entrepreneurs with robust business ideas or existing operating companies. Unfortunately, because of the number of applications we receive, we do not accept executive summaries only, and we do not meet with entrepreneurs who wish to discuss their business before they submit a business plan. Also note that we do not offer incubation, acceleration or mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs. Our role is exclusively a financing one. Your plan will be reviewed by our administrator, if it is the right calibre you will be invited to a screening session with one or two of our members. You will be asked to present your business as though it were a formal pitch session. If your screening is successful you will be invited back to pitch

So why not start your journey of entrepreneurship with us...


Are you a high net worth Individual with business leadership experience? OR An organization or investment club looking to be part of the next BIG IDEAS. Do you have a proven track record of creating successful ventures? Probably you want to give it all a GO. Then let’s talk or meet us at one of our quarterly PITCH sessions where BIG IDEAS are funded through mutual partnerships.

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We are located on 3rd Floor, Block B, Ntinda Complex, Ntinda, Kampala, Uganda.

Email: ideas@idea.ug

Tel: +256 392 142 001

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